Exterior Painting Services

The exterior of your home or business says a lot about you. It sets the tone and establishes curb appeal. But it also protects your home or business from the elements. A proper exterior paint job not only adds beauty but it should be exceptionally durable.

Preparation is the key to any paint job but it is paramount on an exterior job. We take the time to properly prepare the surface to allow the new paint to bond and protect. As skilled carpenters we can easily address issues such rot, broken trim, or any other detail that will impact the beauty and wear of your paint. 

Because we take the time on the preparation we can stand behind our work and the manufacturer’s warranty on the paint.

Here are the typical steps we take when preparing an exterior for painting:

  • Make any necessary repairs to the siding and trim of your home or business
  • Scrap all loose paint that is chipped and peeling.
  • Sand all rough edges for a smooth finish
  • Prime all areas that have had paint removed
  • Wash the home to insure it is clean and ready to accept the new paint
  • Rest nails that have popped
  • Cover shrubs to protect them

Once the preparation is complete we apply two coats of the finished color to your home or business allowing for proper dry time in between coats.

We follow the above process with any trim that is part of the job.

Some exterior painting jobs require extra steps or additional coats depending on the nature of the job. We will discuss this up front with you and clearly include the exact steps in our estimate.

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